Training included sex with corpses, claims ‘Mortuary Man’


An ill young man, or something more sinister? I don’t know if any of you guys caught this bizarre admission online, but this screams WTF.

In a live TV interview a morgue worker, at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in the Ghana capital of Accra, confessed to sleeping with corpses. Although he confirmed to the shocked host that he found it easier than having relationships with living girls who, once they find out he is a ‘mortuary man’, are often turned off by him or frightened that he will kill them, in an even more bizarre twist he insisted it was part of the hospital training, to help workers overcome their fear of dead bodies.

“Mortuary work is my talent,” he says “Something that God put in you.”

When asked if he had mental problems, Lucas laughed and said “No sir, I am OK.”

Lucas has since been fired and is in hiding. Police have launched an investigation.


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