Psychic influences South Korean President

The delivery of a discarded hard drive to a South Korean television news network has exposed the influence of a believed shaman, Choi Soon-sil, upon South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

Choi and Park, the daughters of Choi Tae-min, a policeman turned cult leader, and Park Chung-hee, former South Korean President turned dictator, have had a known connection as far back as the 1970s. Following the death of Park’s mother, First Lady Yuk Young-soo, Choi was supposedly able to deliver messages from the deceased, winning over Park, and Choi’s father would become the future president’s mentor. As Park took power in the Korean government it is reported that she would seek Choi’s advice on numerous issues, and would be informed on more esoteric issues, such as terms to use or colors of clothing to wear. Reports go even so far to say that Choi would receive inches thick packets almost daily and would hold advisory meetings for the President. In the leaked files are also reports of upwards of 60 million dollars being donated to sports related nonprofits that would then be diverted to a German sports company owned by Choi and her daughter. In her address on October 25th, President Park publicly apologized and only admitted to seek Choi’s help with the editing of speeches.

Along side the numerous links to unusual cult and religious groups are the supposed links to a rumored all woman secret organization called “The Eight Goddesses,” an Illuminati-like group of billionaires that secretly run the South Korean government, and that Choi has often been rumored to be apart of. With the recent revelations of Choi’s influence over President Park the conspiracy theories of the Goddesses have only grown. Since the breaking of the news and the investigation into her companies, Choi has fled to Germany.

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