PX Penumbra

What is the Phenomen-X Penumbra? You are.

Phenomen-X started in the 1990s as an exposé show that burned the cable TV networks with the light of truth. The show went down in the 2000s, thanks to the machinations of the forces we fought to expose. The cockroaches couldn’t flee from the light, so they switched the light off.

The production company, Haley Productions, sold Phenomen-X and it began again on the Internet, running reports as streaming videos. But Phenomen-X’s original producer Frank Carincola, one of the bravest journalists ever to live, died from “natural causes” not long after we went online. And the Military-Intelligence-Industrial Complex saw to it that our videos got stifled. Efforts to spread the links went nowhere. The streaming services couldn’t pay what the productions cost.

And then THEY hit us hard. They hacked the Internet Archive. They scrubbed social media. They scoured the Dark Web. They did everything they could to erase us from history. To make us look like nothing but fiction.

Well, we’re back.

We’re mirrored and distributed. We have teams of experts fighting every day to keep us online.

Because we’re not the only ones in this struggle. We’re only part of the campaign. Criminals and conspiracies hide behind secrecy, but they’ve forgotten one thing: YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH.

What drives Phenomen-X now is YOU, and you are the PX Penumbra. Any and all contributors who have secrets to uncover and share can upload them anywhere under the PX Penumbra brand and the #pxptruth tag. We’ll share your discoveries. We’ll fight to keep them from getting buried. Together, we’ll keep up the fight.

Our world will reveal its secrets. Our only watchword is truth.