Pentagon Missile Cover-up?

Is the Pentagon covering up a missile launch?

On November 8th a mysterious exhaust trail was spotted off the California coast line, approximately 35 miles west of Los Angeles, stretching from the horizon into the sky. Many observers feared the launch of an unknown missile, and with no immediate confirmation or denial from the US Government the speculation ran wild. Several aerospace and meteorological experts claimed it to be a simple optical illusion, that it was simply the contrail of a plane distorted by the horizon and unusually clear day. However, some eye-witnesses and military experts believed it be a rocket, with the plume exhibiting traits of a solid-state thruster. Finally, after 48 hours of silence, the Pentagon and Defense Department issued an official statement stating it was in fact an aircraft and that it was no threat to America.

All this said, the Pentagon’s and US military’s initial silence leads me to think something more is going on here. Weapons testing? Experimental rockets? Some sort of public showing to keep the masses in check? One can never be sure.

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