Necromancy or Government Cover-Up?

We’ve found a story circulating on Reddit. The story of a man who claims he is being harassed by a malevolent form of supernatural energy. He claims he should be dead, but that the universe is controlling his brain and body functions.

I know you will all have a very difficult time trying to believe this, but I’m supposed to be dead, my friends. I was born with birth defects that have never been witnessed or acknowledged by mankind. Due to these unprecedented birth defects, I was born with inadequately designed brain and organ tissues. At the age of 31, my brain cells began to lose their ability to produce chemistry, and thus their ability to produce neurological communications. For some strange reason, my brain’s unnatural condition upset the balance in the fabric of existence itself. The universe began to produce a form of undetectable energy, which began to generate synthetic neurological communications in my brain without my knowledge. Eventually, it was generating every single neurological communication that existed in my brain.

His long story can be read HERE

After months of posting about his condition, he seems to have disappeared. He refused to expand upon the knowledge the universe, or being inhabiting him, was filling him with unless the OPTN/UNOS (Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network) replaced most of his internal organs; lymph nodes, small intestines, stomach, lungs, heart, which he claimed were all non-functional save for the malevolent being inside him.

A hoax? Probably not, there are people out there who investigate these sorts of things (the group).

Who is William F. Lepley III


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