Native American “Cannibal Dwarf” Caught on Camera

A creepy figure behind my Dad

A series of photos and .gifs were posted on imgur three days ago depicting what appears to be a small human figure emerging from a field of short grass and walking toward an unsuspecting man.

The uploader, daddysprinkle claims…

“This is a photo of my father that was taken by his girlfriend in Colorado (Rocky Mountains). This photo was taken on an iPhone but zoomed in, hence the poor quality. There was no one around at the time. My Dad said he had just came from that area and no one was there. His girlfriend also saw nothing behind him when taking the photo. She didn’t realize the figure was in the photo until they returned home.”

Most will be quick to call this a hoax, that the figure in the background is a child or daddysprinkle is showing off his skills with Aftereffects, but a quick search into Rocky Mountain area folklore reveals a much darker possibility.

Enemy Dwarves, otherwise known as Hecesiiteihii or Vo’estanehesono depending on who you ask, are a race of ferocious cannibalistic dwarves that were said to have menaced the Arapaho, Gros Ventre, Cheyenne and several other Native American tribes in ancient times. They are described as small (roughly the size of children), dark-skinned and extremely aggressive. Some say they have the power to turn invisible and are known to kill more than they could eat out of sheer gluttony. According to most versions of the Cannibal Dwarf story, the race was destroyed in an ancient war with the Arapaho.

On a similar note, here is a list of animals that were mistakenly believed to be extinct.


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