Mysterious Floating Rotating Island – Phenomena Debunked

Lately there has been a spate of reports regarding a certain “Mysterious Floating Rotating Island” in the region of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This Rotating Island has been dubbed “The Eye”, by it’s ‘discoverers’.

An Argentinean film crew was performing location scouting for a horror movie shoot, when they encountered the circular island. Supposedly, within the same region, there are several other items of note: an abandoned ship graveyard, a haunted house, sightings of Virgin Mary apparitions, an Indian Burial Ground, and of course – strange unexplained lights.

One would have to definitely give the ‘explorers’ a hand in stacking up as many types of curiosities as they managed to with this region. So impressed were they with the Floating Rotating Island, they have abandoned their original project to mount a kickstarter to fund a legitimate scientific expedition to the location. Or so they say.

Visit The Eye on Google Maps, and see the image for yourself. Or better yet, open it in Google Earth, using the KML file from the projects own website. When you do – open up the time bar, and set the “Show Historical Imagery” time bar to March 6, 2014. Then slide it one click to the right to expose March 11, 2014. Despite all the hoo-hah regarding the supposed strangeness of the half a dozen other events – this one item, this one glitch, is actually most telling of all. Regardless of the various satellite imagery, the photos Google Earth deigns tell us about this topic, shows us with usually a minimum of one month and more typically up to 9 months or more gaps in the time frames. This one item shows that the image as it appears on March 6, 2014 is actually inter-spliced with the image from March 11, 2014. Go ahead. rapidly click the left and right arrows in Google Earth. You see it too, don’t you?

The Eye, Argentina
Mysterious Rotating Inland “Island” known as ‘The Eye’, near Argentina

The shortness of time-span is abnormal, when compared to the other instances of captured imagery. Was this a cover up? Did the island rotate that fast for some reason, when we can see it not moving for up to a month or more of time? Did somebody doctor or remove something from the original March 6, 2014 photo to ‘protect’ us? We may never know.

However, for the skeptical, there is a similar phenomenon in something that occurs in Norway, but with ice. It involves cold water formations.

Perhaps, instead of a Ufologist, a good geothermal scientist and/or wetland scientist might be a better call.

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