Maryland Murder Mirrors Local Legend


I’ve been following this one since I heard about the disappearance in May.

Short version: Brianna Armstrong is reported missing on May 7th, she was the owner of a massage clinic in the Greenbriar Swamp area of Maryland, almost a month later her body is found washed up in a swamp close by, medical examiners get to work figuring out the cause of death.

That last part is where things get weird.

Some of you may know the legend of Big Liz, the slave woman who was led deep into the Greenbriar Swamp by her owner and decapitated with a tobacco knife after being suspected of spying for the Union Army. (Read the whole thing here if you’re unfamiliar) Locals say the swamp is haunted by Big Liz and the slave owner she took revenge on.

I mentioned up there that things get weird. Take a guess at what the medical examiners determined as Brianna’s cause of death.

Justin Kieth Cornell was brought into custody for the murder of Brianna Armstrong on June 9th. His trial is scheduled for early 2016.

I ask you, was Brianna Armstrong’s murder a crime of passion, cold blooded homicide or an act of ghostly possession?

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