Man Finds Evidence of Witchcraft in Backyard

This went around reddit today.
A man found what he purports to be a spell jar buried in his backyard.

According to user ValjeanLucPicard this is what happened:

I was digging in my garden to plant some flowers when all of a sudden I hit glass. I spent the next twenty minutes carefully digging around it and eventually pulled this out. I figured it might be old money or drugs or even a time capsul. I pulled the tape off and opened it up, and floating at the top was a picture of my landlord, when she was much younger. My wife went to go get the landlord becausr she knew right away it was some brujeria. The landlord came over and was just as surprised as we were. She said it was definitely the lady who lived here before, more than 15 years ago. Inside there was also strand of fabric, seemingly from a dress, and a piece of paper that had writing on it, more than likely a curse. I would have read what it said but she insisted we burn it all immediately to ‘lift the curse’. After which she poured holy water on the ashes and in the hole. Oh, the muck inside the jar had a sickly sweet smell and had the consistency of runny marmelade.

Surprise Witchcraft!

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