Long-Lived Italian DNA Stolen!


Hey guys, it’s Max here. I just heard about a collection of DNA samples stolen from a lab on Sardinia last August. This wasn’t just ordinary DNA, though. It was collected as part of a 2004 study to examine why people on the island live so long (there must be something about rosemary, sardines and lots of sex).

This is weird enough, right? Who steals DNA samples from a lab? It is even stranger that they ONLY TOOK THOSE SAMPLES from the Sardinian centenarians. No other blood samples were stolen. Also, the whole lab was only supervised by a single employee, so that seems a little suspect in itself.

The obvious suspects would be some of the donor’s ancestors. In July of this year, the samples were sold to a British firm, Tiziana Life Sciences, as part of a bankruptcy deal. I would be pissed too if someone sold my grandpa’s DNA for a few bucks. Of course, the folks at Tiziana are silent about the whole thing.

But, I think it was something else. We all know that Sardinia is a somewhat isolated place, and it is full of lore about prehistoric giants, strange tower structures, and Dr. Kevorikian-like tribal women. What if longevity is more than diet and exercise? What if it has more to do with ancestral, possibly extra-terrestrial, genes? Could the ancient Nuragic culture have been a race of human/alien hybrids? I think someone else made the same connection and wants to either cover it up. Or worse, exploit the genetic information for their own use!

ASCII 4 images, Size: 8254 x 3996, FOV: 52.69 x 25.51, RMS: 2.05, Lens: Standard, Projection: Spherical, Color: LDR

That’s all for now. Keep an eye on your blood samples and remember, someone is always paying attention.

-Max Fenig, @NICAPMax

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