Demons or Aliens? Nazi Skull Artifacts Recovered in Russia


Vladimir Melikov and a team of researches have uncovered a box containing strange Nazi artifacts, including what appear to be some sort of skull that is either Demonic or Alien in nature.

alien7The box includes runes and wording indicating it came from the secret Nazi society of Ahnenerbe. Ahnenerbe of course being Himmler’s unit that researched occultism, magic, UFOs, and the paranormal while searching for the link to their supposed Nordic past.

The skulls seem to have no brain cavity and the positioning of the neck seems to indicate the ability to walk upright.

A more thorough breakdown of the box’s contents can be found here.

It is unsurprising that the Nazi regime was involved in such things, but now that Russian researchers have these in their grasp, who knows what will come of it? How long until a US black op rushes in and steals the box for their own occultic gains.


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