Confirmation of the Mythical Silent Black Helicopter?

The existence of the often rumored and theorized silent black helicopter come to light in the wake of Operation NEPTUNE SPEAR and the death of Osama bin Laden.

The tail rotor remains of a modified Sikorsky MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter were discovered on an exterior wall of the al-Qaeda leader’s Pakistan compound. The chopper, which had crashed landed due to hazardous airflow conditions, was scuttled at the compound and then destroyed by Navy SEALS prior to exfiltration, leaving only a portion of tail rotor behind. This tail rotor section displays angled design features typical of stealth aircraft, allowing for a reduced radar signature, an angled, saucer-like cap on the rotor hub believed to reduce noise and turbulence, and is overall covered in a dark material to, again, reduce radar signature. Reports from locals near the compound reveal that they either never heard the helicopters or only heard them when extremely close, supporting the claims of noise reduction capabilities in the advanced aircraft. With the exposure of one of the most well rumored and popular conspiracy theories the Pentagon and Defense Department have been, predictably, silent on the matter, either refusing statements or shutting them down ASAP. Several analysts have proposed however, that the biggest worry the US government has right now is where the remains of this stealth chopper end up. China, with its close political relations to Pakistan, seem the likeliest new home for the tail rotor debris, possibly giving the Chinese military new insight onto stealth aircraft technologies.

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