Churchill’s World War II UFO Cover-Up

Newly released documents by the Ministry of Defense indicate that Winston Churchill covered-up possible UFO reports during World War II. The information comes as a 1999 letter from a man claiming his grandfather was present during Churchill’s decision, a meeting with US General Dwight D. Eisenhower. The sighting was made an RAF bomber crew returning from a mission and spotting the metallic craft “hovering noiselessly” off the English coast before disappearing. The decision to keep the information secret was made immediately as to not “create mass panic amongst the general population and destroy one’s faith in the Church,” as the letter claims. According to the Ministry of Defense however, the claims of such an order can not be confirmed, due mainly to the standard procedure of destroying UFO records after 5 years, before that was changed in 1967.

So, did the Bulldog himself put the hush on UFO activity during WWII? Is it just the claims of a delusional man, seeking a few moments of fame? One never knows.

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